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Bovine health and productivity on the north coast of Colombia

A survey of 104 farms was conducted in the northern coastal area of Colombia as part of an investigation into the relationship between cattle management, health and performance. A questionnaire was completed, 30 animals from each herd were examined and samples taken for laboratory testing. The average age of cows at their first calving was 3.5 years. The annual calving rate was 68.8 percent, 67.4 percent and 47.7 percent in small, medium and large farms, respectively. Endometritis was found in 18.3 percent of the non-pregnant cows and the degree of severity was associated with a significant increase in empty days. Vestibulitis was found in 37.3 percent of the non-pregnant cows, but the severity was not found to be associated with the number of empty days. Milk production was determined by the season, the predominant breed of bull and feeding practices.

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