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Conservation of raw milk through activation of the lactoperoxidase system in Cuba

Thiocyanate concentrations in raw milk were established by adjusting the activation of the lactoperoxidase system to 0.25 mmol/litre, through the addition of 8.6 mg/litre. This dosage, while guaranteeing the minimum concentration needed to activate the system, does not lower the milk values obtained from individual cows. This activation maintains the quality of the milk for 8 to 20 hours without causing any significant changes, depending on temperature and initial quality. Although the methylene blue reduction time (MBRT) is somewhat slower, once the products have been added to the milk, the pre-existing acidity is not eliminated. No adverse effects on the quality of yogurt or semi-hard cheeses were noted.

The number of capsules of sodium thiocyanate or sachets of sodium percarbonate required for optimal dosages has now been established and a chart enabling the correct application of these when processing milk has been devised.

This series of findings led to the formulation of national regulations for maximum security in the utilization of the lactoperoxidase system.

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