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Access of beef to EEC markets: the example of Madagascar

Thé exportation of meat from developing countries to the European Economic Community (EEC) is subject to strict zoosanitary rules and requirements regarding abattoirs and meat-cutting plants that are similar to those that apply to intercommunity trade. These health criteria are difficult to fulfil, except under special conditions, as was the case with Madagascar.

Thanks to favourable animal health conditions, and after a period of training and technical assistance to help the country make adjustments to meet EEC regulations regarding meat production and exportation, Madagascar has entered into an agreement to export about 8 000 tonnes of deboned frozen beef to EEC countries. During slaughter carried out as part of the training, data was collected on anatomicopathologic lesions. This enabled experts to chart the country's most widespread diseases and their distribution. The diseases most commonly found were distomatosis, tuberculosis and hydatidosis.

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