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Vaccaro R., Cardozo Rosario & Vaccaro Lucía. Milk production, reproduction and death rates of Holstein heifers imported into the tropics

Vaccaro Lucía, Vaccaro R., Cardozo Rosario & Benezra M.A. Survival of imported Holstein and Friesian cattle and their locally born progeny in Venezuela

Seré C. Classification of milk production systems in tropical south America: a first approximation

Martínez R.O. & García R. Effect of liveweight at calving and of concentrate level on the production of milk from grazing cows.

Peducassé A., McDowell L.R., Parra A., Wilkins J.V., Martin F.G., Losli J.K. and Conrad J.H. Mineral status of grazing beef cattle in the tropics of Bolivia

Vijchulata P., Sumale C. and McDowell L.R. Mineral status of cattle raised in the villages of Central Thailand

Paterson R.T. Quiroga L., Sauma G. and Samur C. Dry season growth of Zebu-criollo steers with limited access to leucaena

Asiedu F.H.K. Influence of breed of sire and season of breeding on lamb production under integrated farming systems

Dixon R. and Combellas J. A note on preservation of wet brewers grains

Herrera F. Effect of planting density of the seed yield of Cana valia ensiformis

Onwudike O.C. Effect of different protein levels of the performance of laying birds in a tropical environment