Livestock Research For Rural Development

Volume 6, Number 3, March 1995


Economic aspects of utilising fibrous crop residues for beef production in China; Peter Finlayson, Zhang Weixian, Chuan Xue and Frands Dolberg
Intake, digestion and rumen parameters of goats fed mature veld hay ground with deep litter poultry manure and supplemented with graded levels of poorly managed groundnut hay; Lindela R Ndlovu and Lewis Hove
Rumen microorganisms as providers of high quality protein;J D Brooker, D K Lum, S Miller, I Skene and L O'Donovan
Utilization of straw by chinese yellow cattle; Guo Ting Shuang, Yuan Jing Kai, Zhang Wei Xian, Lu Jia Zhong and Wu Jia Long
Botón de oro (Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl.) Gray) una fuente proteica alternativa para el trópico; (Primera parte); Clara Inés Ríos Katto y Amparo Salazar
Study on the use of algae as a substitute for oil cake for growing calves; S A Chowdhury, K S Huque, M Khatun and Quamrun Nahar
¿El reciclaje del estiércol fresco de cerdo en la alimentación de rumiantes conduce a la producción sostenible?; Ernestina Gutiérrez-Vázquez and T R Preston
Indigenous knowledge in utilization of local trees and shrubs for sustainable livestock production in central Tanzania; D M Komwihangilo, E H Goromela and J M N Bwire
Effects of restricted suckling versus artificial rearing on performance and fertility of Bos taurus and Bos indicus cows and calves in Tanzania;M V Sanh, T R Preston and Pernillas Fajersson
Morfometría de organos vitales de cerdos criollos y cc21; F J Diéguez, J Ly, I Maza, F Savigni y M Tosar

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