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Tayler R S The development of stable! systems of farming

Keoghan J M Adaptable and productive forage legumes and grasses for more intensive small  ruminant livestock systems in the Caribbean

El Karim A I A Effect of docking on growth and carcass characteristics of Dubasi desert sheep

Herrera F, Wyllie D & Preston T R Fattening steers on a basal diet of ensiled sisal  pulp and molasses/urea supplemented with sunflower meal and Leucaena forage

Alvarez F J, Saucedo G, Arriaga A & Preston T R Effect on milk production and calf  performance of milking cross bred European/Zebu cattle in the absence or  presence of the calf, and of rearing their calves  artificially

Saucedo G, Alvarez F J, Jimenez N & Arriaga A Leucaena leucocephala as a supplement  for milk production on tropical pastures with dual purpose cattle

Lopez - Barbella S, Falon C & Martinez N Synchronization of oestrus with prostaglandin F2 alpha  in Holstein cows

Hinojosa A & Segura C Heritability indices of postweaning performance in Brahman cattle

Deville J, Figon C & Sylvie Emmanuel A comparison of the rumen degradability of some  feeds by the artificial fibre bag technique

Mapoon L K Degradability of some high protein forages in the rumen

Rowe J B, Bordas F & Preston T R Protein synthesis in the rumen of bulls given different  levels of molasses and cassava root

Rowe J B, Milagros Bobadilla, Preston T R & Leng R A Thiaminase activity in the  rumen of cattle given diets based an sugar cane, molasses and sisal pulp

Abstracts: 5th Annual meeting of the Dominican Centre for Livestock Research with Sugar cane, Santo Domingo