Financial Regulations of the European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Regulation I: 


  1. These regulations shall govern the financial administration of the European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease.
  2. The financial rules and procedures of FAO shall apply to the activities of the Commission unless otherwise provided.


Regulation II: 

The Financial Period

  1. The financial period shall be two calendar years, coinciding with the financial period of FAO.


Regulation III:

The Budget

  1. The Budget Estimates shall cover income and expenditure for the financial period to which they relate, and shall be presented in United States dollars.
  2. The Budget Estimates shall include the programme of work for the financial period, such information, annexes or explanatory statements as may be requested on behalf of the Executive Committee or the Commission.
  3. The Budget shall comprise:
    • (a) The Administrative Budget relating to the regular contributions of Members of the Commission payable under Article XIII of the Constitution and expenditures arising from Articles IV, V and XII (2);
    • (b) The Special Budgets relating to funds made available during the financial period from [(i)the Special supplementary Contributions paid under Article XIII (4) for expenditures listed under Article V.
  4. The Administrative Budget for the financial period shall consist of provisions for
    • Administrative Expenditures under Articles IV and XII (2).
    • Expenditure under activities listed under Article V. Estimates under this chapter may, if necessary, be presented in a single total only but detailed estimates for each particular project will be prepared and approved as "supplementary details" of the Administrative Budget.
    • Contingencies.
  5. The Administrative Budget shall be prepared by the Executive Committee and submitted to the Commission.
  6. Special Budgets (3.4 b) shall be prepared at appropriate times by the Commission or the Executive Committee as the case may be.
  7. The Administrative Budget of the Commission shall be submitted to the Finance Committee of the Organization.



Regulation IV: 


  1. After the budgets have been adopted the appropriations therein will be the authority for the Organization to incur obligations and make payments for the purposes for which the appropriations were voted and up to the amounts so voted.
  2. In cases of emergency, the Director-General is authorized to accept Supplementary Contributions from a Member or Members of the Commission or grants from other sources and incur expenditure against them for emergency action for which the said Contributions or grants were specifically provided. Such Contributions or grants and expenditure relating thereto will be reported in detail to the next session of the Executive Committee or Commission.
  3. Any unliquidated prior year obligation shall at the end of the financial period be cancelled or where an obligation remains a valid charge, retained for future disbursement.
  4. Transfers between provisions as per Regulation 3.5 may be effected by the Organization on the recommendation of the Secretary of the Executive Committee. Details of the transfers so effected will be reported to the Executive Committee.



Regulation V:

 Provision of Funds

  1. The appropriations of the Administrative Budget shall be financed by contributions from Member Governments determined and payable in accordance with Article XIII paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of the Constitution.
    • Pending receipt of annual contributions, the Organization is authorized to finance budgeted expenditure from the uncommitted balance of the Administrative Budget.
  2. For determining the annual contributions of each Member, the assessment for such member for the financial period shall be divided into two equal instalments, one of which shall be payable in the first calendar year of the financial period and the other one in the second calendar year.
  3. At the beginning of each calendar year the Director-General shall inform Member Governments of their obligations in respect of annual contributions to the budget.
  4. Contributions shall be due and payable in full within 30 days of the receipt of the communication of the Director-General referred to in Regulation 5.3 above, or as of the first day of the calendar year to which they relate, whichever is later. As of 1 January of the following calendar year, the unpaid balance of such contributions shall be considered to be one year in arrears.
  5. The annual contributions to the Administrative Budget shall be assessed in United States dollars and calculated on the basis of national income of each country as expressed in the scale of contributions to FAO and the number of livestock. The currency in which contributions shall be paid is determined by the Commission in accordance with Article XIII (5) of the Constitution.
  6. Any State acquiring membership shall pay a contribution to the budget in accordance with the provisions of Article XIII (2) for the financial period in which the membership becomes effective, such contribution beginning with the quarter in which membership is acquired.



Regulation VI: 


  1. All contributions, supplementary contributions and other receipts shall be placed in a Trust Fund administered by FAO.
  2. With respect to the Trust Fund referred to in Regulation 6.1, the Organization shall maintain accounts:
    • 1. A General Account to which shall be credited receipts of all contributions paid under Article XIII (1) and (2) of the Constitution, and supplementary contributions under Article XIII (4) and from which shall be met all expenditure chargeable against the annual Administrative Budget.
    • 2. Such additional accounts as may be necessary to which shall be credited the Supplementary Contributions and the expenditures relating thereto as envisaged in Article XIII (4).



Regulation VII 

Travel Costs

  1. When travel costs are borne by the Commission as provided for under Article XII. 3., experts invited by the Commission to attend meetings of the Commission or its committees in their personal capacity may either receive the ticket from the Commission or purchase it directly. In the latter event the expert shall be reimbursed actual costs not exceeding the amount the Commission would have paid had it purchased the ticket. This also applies to all travel for which the Commission has undertaken to pay.
  2. The Organization's liability as far as air transport costs are concerned is limited to the amount which would be reimbursable under FAO's rules and regulations, currently economy class by the least costly fare including non-endorsable tickets for flights up to 9 hours and in business class including non-endorsable tickets for flights of more than 9 hours duration.



Regulation VIII 


  1. These Regulations may be amended by the Commission in the manner provided for under Article VIII of the Constitution.