Executive Committee

An eight-member Executive Committee with one Chairperson, two Vice-Chairs, and 1 observer - elected by the Commission at the General Session - governs the Commission between the Sessions. The current membership of the Executive Committee (2017-2019) is as follows:

  • JeanLuc Angot, France (President)
  • Christianne Bruschke, Netherlands (Vice President)
  • Martin Blake, Ireland (Vice President)
  • Krzysztof Jazdzewski (Poland)
  • Nihat Pakdil (Turkey)
  • Damien Iliev (Bulgaria)
  • Silvio Borrello (Italy)
  • Lajos Bognar (Hungary)
  • Zoran Atanasov (FYR of Macedonia)
  • Lasha Avaliani (Georgia) (Observer)

The constitution requires that the elected Executive Committee meets three times between general sessions (i.e. once or twice a year).