Special Committee on Research and Development of the FMD Programme

At the 42nd  General Session of the EuFMD Commission (April 2017), it was decided to establish a Special Committee on Research and Development of the FMD Programme. The “Special Committee” is a development from the days when there was a “Research Group” of the Standing Technical Committee (STC); in 2011, it was decided to clarify who does what by having an STC of four international experts familiar with FMD management and policy /science interface, plus a separate Special Committee. In 2015, the Special Committee comprised 13 experts plus one expert from each of the FAO FMD Reference Centres in Europe, and the Standing Technical Committee will comprise 4 international experts under the Chair of Dr Eoin Ryan. The composition in 2017 is 



Aldo Dekker (NL)

FMD research, vaccine evaluation

Michael Eschbaumer (GER)

FMD biorisk management, FMD lab services, vaccine evaluation

Tsviatko Alexandrov (BG)

Contingency planning, wildlife surveillance

Michel Bellaiche (IS)

FMD surveillance and management, Israel/Mid-East

Naci Bulut (TUR)

FMD surveillance in West Eurasia, vaccine quality and production

Jean Francois Valarcher (SWE)

FMD virology, vaccine QA, surveillance, epidemiology, global

Nick Lyons (UK)

FMD epidemiology and vaccination effectiveness, Africa/Egypt

  • Emiliana Brocchi (FMD Ref Centre – IZSLER FMD surveillance in REMESA, multiple regions )
  • Kris de Clercq (FMD Ref Centre – CODA-CERVA-VAR)
  • Don King (WRL, The Pirbright Institute)
  • Labib Bakkali (FMD Ref Centre – ANSES FMD surveillance in REMESA, RESOLAB)