Interested in Pillar III work?

The EuFMD Commission, an intergovernmental body based in the Food and Agriculture organization in Rome, has an opening for individuals to join the team in Rome under the Short Term Placement (STP) program. This program has the purpose of providing professional experience in an international organisation in risk management of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), working in one or more of the EuFMD focus regions (European, Neighbourhood and Global). STPs are sought to support the work planned in the Pillar III region, focussed on supporting the Global Strategy for FMD control including the rollout of online networks and training in support of regional actions in Africa, Middle East and Asia. In particular, we are interested in hearing from professionals with experience of working in South Asia and West and Central Africa to support upcoming activities in these regions. Apply for 2019! 

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The opportunity

The EuFMD Commission, based in FAO, has funds to support Short Term Professional (STP) staff to work in Rome (or possibly at other FAO offices including Ankara, Turkey) for the purpose of gaining professional experience in risk management of FMD, and of work in an international environment on FMD control. The duration of such STP attachments are a minimum of 3 months and the EuFMD Commission will support living allowances in Rome to a ceiling of € 2350 per month. Candidates will be selected on merit, taking into consideration the experience and profile, and the duration (availability). STPs are expected to travel and undertake duties as part of the EuFMD Secretariat, participating in meetings and workshops, disease investigations and field missions as required and appropriate to their skill set and aspirations. These missions will be part of the normal EuFMD program and it is expected, but not guaranteed, that STPs will gain experience of FMD control in the field.


The EuFMD Secretariat, based in the Food-and-Agriculture (FAO) of the United Nations in Rome, Italy, has a core staff of two full time technical officers, a communication officer, assisted by a training support officer and two short term professional officers (STPs). It has a program of activities which 1. support FMD control in the European member states (such as training in FMD investigation, in contingency planning, and research related to policy issues); 2. aim at risk reduction in the European neighbourhood, including supporting a Roadmap for Progressive Control of FMD in West Eurasia to reduce risk to the European borders; 3. support the Global FMD Strategy, through assistance to monitor FMD circulation and risk, and promote the progressive control pathway (PCP) for FMD as a framework for national programmes. There is considerable interest shown from Member States and from outside of Europe from veterinarians to work upon issues relating to FMD management, and several enquiries about longer term training in emergency response and management of FMD have resulted from the EuFMD training program. Longer term attachments with the EuFMD Secretariat could benefit both the persons concerned and the Commission/member states, with the STP officer being given an opportunity to work on the key areas of: 1. FMD threat monitoring, including collating information on FMD for risk reports, promoting networking of FMD reference laboratories and surveillance centres; 2. Development of the FMD training program, including improved networking of trainees and trainers, and guidance materials; 3. Risk management and response to FMD outbreaks – including assistance with simulation exercise management and guidelines; 4. Technical assistance to EuFMD actions supporting FMD surveillance and control in West Eurasia (epidemiology, laboratory skills of most relevance); 5. Assisting the Gf-TADS Global FMD Working Group Secretariat: in support of the Global Strategy for FMD control. The work will support the Secretariat to monitor the progress of countries along the PCP-FMD (progressive control pathway) in their national and regional roadmaps, and assist in the roll-out of the PCP as a framework to assist countries to develop and monitor their control programmes. No prior knowledge of the PCP-FMD is needed. Veterinary degree with post-graduate degree in epidemiology or microbiology are required. Ability and skills to write concise and careful technical assessments of disease management programmes and activities in English are an advantage. The terms of reference for each person would focus on one or more of the above key areas, and be agreed prior to acceptance.

General Profile of STPs Candidates should be veterinary graduates, have a high standard of spoken and written English, and should normally have recent experience at post-graduate level in disciplines relevant to the EuFMD such as the investigation and control of exotic/contagious animal diseases, epidemiology, pathology/laboratory diagnosis, risk management and contingency planning for disease control. The trainees should normally be working for the State Veterinary Service and be expected to use their experience after return to their full time positions.

Modality The EuFMD Commission will support

1. The cost of air travel to and from Rome, at beginning and end of the training, in line with normal FAO procedures; 2. A modest living allowance for the officer; 3. Costs of travel and allowances for any missions conducted during the period of attachment.

Prior to commencement, an agreement would be drawn up with the employer regarding the release of the person to undertake the STP position.

Application Applications can be made directly to the EuFMD Secretariat (; subject line: Surname _ STP2015). If offered a position we expect the applicant to negotiate their release from their current duties. Applications with supporting letter from their Chief Veterinary Officer may also assist selection. The minimum duration would be 3 months, maximum 11 months. The funds would be used to support a modest living allowance (circa 2350 € per month).

There are positions available for 2015. Your application must indicate your preferred entry.

We will only consider applications fulfilling all the above requirements and including a curriculum vitae and motivation letter. Informal enquiries can be made to the Secretary, EuFMD Commission (, tel +39 0657055528.

Applications should include: A curriculum vitae; A cover letter indicating, with reasons, which of the above 6 key areas the candidate wishes to focus upon, and the relevance of the position for their current or future profile; Wherever possible, evidence that if accepted they be released from their normal duties for the duration but would continue to receive their normal entitlements of salary and related entitlements; A Selection Panel of the Secretary and Chairman of the Executive Committee would agree the Terms of Reference for each position if there is significant interest/competition for places. Interviews (supported by the EuFMD Commission) may be held if necessary.



Interested in becoming an FMD Intelligence Focal Point (IFP)?

We are making a call for experts worldwide to join our international team and to contribute to the improvement of a better global understanding of foot-and -mouth disease (FMD) circulation and risk. As a member of the EuFMD Team, the focal points will become part of a greater community working towards the global control of FMD and other animal diseases, contribute to improved FMD management and have access to a selection of e-learning material developed by EuFMD to improve their skills and knowledge. Click for more info. Apply for 2019. Please email with a cv and motivation letter.

Interested in an Internship?

If you would like to work at the EuFMD as an intern, you will need to apply online via the Internship page of FAO. Please do check the requirements listed.The Internship Programme is a learning opportunity aiming to attract talented young women and men who are strongly motivated to share their new perspectives, innovative ideas and latest research experience in FAO’s domains. The programme provides selected students, enrolled in an under-graduate, graduate or post-graduate degree programme or recent graduates with the opportunity to supplement, their academic knowledge with a practical work assignments in a field related to the work of FAO. This will enable them to gain a better understanding of FAO’s mandate and programmes.

Once you have applied through the FAO system, send an email to with your CV and a motivation letter.




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