5th Annual West Eurasia Roadmap Meeting for FMD control, Astana, Kazakhstan, 23-24 April 2014

The main objective of this meeting is to share information on FMD virus circulation within the West Eurasia FMDV ecosystem and to review the progress of each country along the Regional Roadmap towards the vision identified at the Shiraz meeting (2008) of a "West Eurasia region free of clinical FMD by 2020". Another objective is to assist the countries in preparing their official control programmes for FMD.  The meeting was organized under the umbrella of the GF-TADS (Global Framework for the Progressive Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases), with the support of the EuFMD, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan

Agenda; Country Presentations: Tajikistan; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Afghanistan; Georgia; Kazakhstan; Kyrgysztan;  Iran; Iraq; Pakistan; Syria; Uzbekistan; FAO/OIE Presentations: OIE Status; Project Proposal; FMD PVM; FMD Socioeconomics; Mobile technologies; National Control Plan; Provisional Roadmap; Update on meetings; Update on Wahis; Update on Wahis-2; Vaccination questionnaire; Welnet proposal; WRLFMD

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West EurAsia FMD Control - Roadmap 2020- 4th Regional Progress Review Meeting Baku, Azerbaijan 2-4 April 2013

The 4th Regional Meeting to review the progress of the West Eurasia FMD Roadmap was held in Baku, Azerbaijan in April 2013 in the framework of the FAO OIE Global Framework for the Progressive Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases (OIE/FAO/GFTADs), with the collaboration of the OIE and with the support of the European Commission for the Control of FMD (EuFMD), European Commission (DG-SANCO), and FAO-EMPRES. It was hosted by the State Veterinary service, Azerbaijan, and the EuFMD provided the Secretariat. In total, 10 countries in West EurAsia were represented at the level of the Chief Veterinary Officers (CVOs) or their representatives; 14 countries, that had been involved since the launch of the Roadmap in 2008  had been invited. The FAO, OIE, and EuFMD participated at a senior level. The Objectives of the Meeting were to review the progress along the Regional Roadmap towards the vision identified at the Shiraz Meeting in 2008 of a “West Eurasia region free of clinical FMD by 2020”; to share information on FMD virus circulation within the West Eurasia FMDV ecosystem to assist planning of vaccination and other preventive measures in the short-term and to support countries to prepare national project proposals for investment in FMD control in relation with regional component. 

Agenda; Report with appendices and list of participants; Progress chart and map of countries; Photos; SlideShare FAO Link to the presentations

Presentations: PCP FMD stage descriptions, indicators and assessment, C.Bartels; The PVS evaluation and convergence PVS-PCP, M.Eloit; The Westeurasia database, K.Dietze; Practical epi for progressive fmd control course, M.Mclaws; First PePC graduated comments, D.Abdollahi; Regional vaccine matching results and recommendations, N.Bulut; Gftads project proposal seminar, J.Domenech; History of the Roadmap up to now, K.Sumption; The global fmd control stategy and its application to regional initiatives, J.Domenech; Fmd Turkey, recent developments in the region and outlooks, N.Yacicioglu; Overview of regional FMD situation and trends in virus circulation, A.Mischenko; I.R of Iran, N.Rasouli; Republic of Iraq, B.K.Abood; Kazakhstan; Progressive control of fmd in Pakistan, Afzal & J.Syed; Syria; FMD situation in Turkey, A.Bulut; Livestock identification registration among the W.Eurasia countries lievstock survey, A.Mehraban; Regional fmd management support functions and proposals, M.Mclaws; What is happening in bordering W.Eurasia regions, G.Yehia; PCP Assessment results

FAO-EuFMD/EC/OIE Tripartite meeting on control of FMD and other exotic diseases in the Southern Balkans, Turkey, Istanbul 22 November 2013 -




West EurAsia FMD Control - Roadmap 2020- 3rd Regional Progress Review Meeting Istanbul, Turkey 27-29 March 2012

Report ; List of participants; Presentations: Afghanistan; Armenia; Azerbaijan; WRL; Monthly FMD report; Georgia; Iran; OIE, J.Domenech; J.Syed; Kazakhstan; Kyrgystan; PCP Assessment-Mclaws; OIE N.Leboucq; Pakistan; K.Sumption; Tajikistan; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan ; Group discussions; Lab presentations: Welnet_E.Brocchi; Welnet_DiNardo; Welnet_J.Hammond; L.Bakkali

II FAO/OIE Global conference on Foot and Mouth Disease control, 27-29 June 2012, Bangkok, Thailand

Report of the I FAO/OIE Global conference on FMD control: The way towards global control. 24-26 June 2009, Paraguay

Scientific Developments and Technical Challenges in the Progressive Control of FMD in South Asia 13-15 February 2012, New Delhi, India

Report; List of Participants; Agenda; Book of abstracts; Presentations: 1. The global system (OIE/FAO Network): Activities, directions; 2. South Asia: Action plans, future directions and needs; 3. South East Asia: Action plans, future directions and needs; 4. FMD: Current epidemic situation in China; 5. West Eurasia: Action plans, future directions and needs; 6. Imnunolgy and transmission: New findings which could change FMD control (Keynote); 7. The early pathogenesis of FMD and the implications for control measures; 8. Novel FMD vaccine research in China; 9. FMD vaccine R&D in India; 10. Demand, supply and the gaps between the best conventional vaccines and the worst on the market: What needs to be done? (Keynote); 11. Manufacturers´expected contribution to the progressive Control of FMD in South Asia; 12. Common vaccines for Eurasian A, O and Asia -1; The way to go?; 13. FMD vaccines and vaccination in India: Production, use and quality; 14. FMD vaccines and vaccination in China: Production, use and quality; 15. Current vaccines and tehir use in the design of vaccination programmes: Theory and practice; 16. FAO/OIE PCP for FMD: Principles, practice and lessons learnt in the West Eurasia FMD Roadmap Keynote; 17. PCP and long term FMD control in South Asia; 18. FMD control in South East Asia: Science based approach to development of roadmaps and PVS tools to support capacity building; 19. Afghanistan: Country presentation; 20. Bangladesh: Country presentation; 21. Bhutan: Country presentation; 22. India: Country presentation; 23. Nepal: Country presentation; 24. Pakistan: Country presentation; 25. Dynamics of FMDV emergence and spread within regions; Progress and gaps to achieve rapid threat detection Keynote; 26. Approaches to post vaccination monitoring; 27. The role of Asian buffalo in the epidemiology of FMD; 28. FMD: Carrier state and role of carrier buffalo as source of transboundary spread in South East Asia and China; 29. Risk based strategies for the control of emerging strains of FMD virus in Buthan; 30. Brief presentations from sponsors (available upon request); 32. Socio-economic impacts of FMD on the dairy sector of India; 33. The changing concept of FMD diagnostics: from central to local services; 34. FMD diagnostics: Current developments and application in the context of FMD control in endemic countries; 35. Diagnostics services by subnational FMD labs: kits and quality assurance, future needs.; 36. Structure and trends of India´s livestock sector and implications for FMD control; 37. FMD control in the huge market/fattening complexes; 38. The role of OIE in transforming science into practise and policy making; 39. Putting it together: The potential role of modeling to explore the impact of FMD control options in endemic countries; 40. The global Foot and Mouth Disease Research Alliance (GFRA): Current actions and future perspective