Executive Committee

95th session of the Executive Committee, Budapest (Hungary) 6-7 March 2018


Appendix 1 Agenda

Appendix 2 Report on activities (K.Sumption)

Appendix 3 Six-month report (Full)

Appendix 4 Six-month report Summary

Appendix 5 FMD global and regional situation -WRL (D. King)

Appendix 6 FMD Reference Centre at ANSES (L.Bakkali)

Appendix 7 Item 3:: Evaluation (K.Sumption)

Appendix 8 Item 4:: Pillar I Training programme (M.Hovari)

Appendix 9 Item 4::Pillar II and III Training programme (J.Maud; D.Imanbayeva)

Appendix 10 Item 5::EuFMDiS (G.Garner)

Appendix 11 Assured emergency supply options for FMD vaccines (AESOP) (K.Sumption)

Appendix 12 Remesa Report (F.Rosso)

Appendix 13 Georgia Report (L. Avaliani)

Appendix 14 Turkey report (N.Bulut)

Appendix 15 Initiatives for FMD management (E.Raizman)

Appendix 16 Support to the Global Strategy (N.Lyons)

Appendix 17 Standing Technical Committee report (E.Ryan)

Appendix 18 The Open Session 2018

Appendix 19 Complete meeting documents and Financial reports (K.Sumption)