Executive Committee

93rd session of the Executive Committee, Modling (Austria) 21,22 March 2017


Item 2 Report to the Executive, K.Sumption (EuFMD)

Summary of the Components

Item 3 FMD situation, Global and regional, D.King (TPI)

Item 4 Pillar I report, M.Hovari (EuFMD)

Item 5 Pillar II Private sector, M.Hovari (EuFMD)

Item 6 Pillar I Group discussion

Item 7 Pillar II Activities in Turkey report, N.Bulut (Turkey)

Item 8 Pillar II, training needs assessment

Item 9 Pillar II, future workplan, group discussion

Item 10 Pillar III, GfTADS, J.Lubroth, L.Weber-Vintzel (FAO/OIE)

Item 11 Pillar III Group discussion

Item 12 Standing Technical Committee report, E.Ryan

Item 13 Special Committee on Biorisk management, E.Ryan (EuFMD)

Item 14 Budget: financial statements and report, K.Sumption (EuFMD)