Executive Committee

94th session of the Executive Committee, Dublin (Ireland) 12-13 October 2017


Working meeting document


Appendix 1 Agenda

Appendix 2 Report on activities (K.Sumption)

Appendix 3 Six-month report in summary format

Appendix 4 FMD global and regional situation (D.King)

Appendix 5 Progress on the Pillar I workplan 1.1; 1.3; 1.4 (M.Hovari)

Appendix 6 Future workplans

Appendix 7 Report on Turkey (N.Bulut)

Appendix 8 GF-TADS working group presentation (L.VWintzel ; J.Lubroth)

Appendix 9 Standing Technical Committee Report (E.Ryan)

Appendix 10 Proposal for Special Committee on Biorisk Management (E.Ryan)

Appendix 11 Financial and Administrative paper 

Collated ppts