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General Sessions

42nd  General Session of EuFMD, 20-21 April 2017 Rome 


Report of the Session

Appendix 1.Agenda

Appendix 2 The monthly global report on FMD- March 2017

Appendix 3.Global FMD surveillance report, D.King (paperppt)

Appendix 4 The OIE-FAO Global Strategy, M.Stone, B.Tekola (paperppt)

Appendix 5 Towards a framework for resolving ethical (...), H.Grimm (ppt)

Appendix 6 Outcome of a questionnaire(...); The private sector role (...) J.Dahl, M.Hovari (paperppt)

Appendix 7 Confidence in early detection of FMD (...), M.McLaws, P.Motta (paperppt)

Appendix 8 Needs based training (...), K.Ouali, M.De la Puente, J.Maud (paperppt)

Appendix 9 Cascade training, Italy, P.Simonetti, F.Calvetti (paperppt)

Appendix 10 Report of the Executive Committee, K.Sumption, EuFMD team (paperppt)

Appendix 11 Proposed updating of the Strategic plan (...), K.Sumption (paperppt)

Appendix 12 Reports on the current FMD situation on AlgeriaIsraelTurkey

Appendix 13 Vaccine and Antigen Bank, K.Sumption

Appendix 14  Report of the STC, E.Ryan (paper; ppt)

Appendix 15 Technical Guidelines and updated standards, M.Mclaws (paperppt)

Appendix 16 Technical Committees, E.Ryan (paperppt)

Appendix 17 Financial reports, C.Carraz, F.Pedulla' 

-Milestones (paperppt

- EC Phase 3-4 (paperppt)

-MS contributions (paperppt)

Appendix 18 Statement of intentions (paper)

Complete set of documents

Collated ppts


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