The 41st General Session of the EuFMD will take place in the FAO Headquarters in Rome, on the 23 and 24 April 2015Activities and Progress of our programme is available in Overview and Detail. A brief history of the EuFMD since 1954 and world events on our history (video). The Agenda is available under the events page.

Monthly Overview

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NEW! EuFMD Contingency Planning Knowledge Bank

The EuFMD is developing a Contingency Planning Knowledge Bank. This is intended as a resource for those engaged in contingency planning and the design and implementation of simulation exercises in order to test and improve contingency plans. The page is currently under development, and more resources will be added over the coming weeks.Some resources are open to guest viewers of the EuFMD e-Learning site. Others, including the recordings of webinars, discussion forums and password protected resources are only available to those who register with the EuFMD e-Learning website. For more information, please click here