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  • Those who participated to the e-consultation on "Family poultry interactions with other production systems (forestry, tree crops, annual crops, large animals, fisheries etc.): Nutritional opportunities and constraints" are automatically registered.


  • Olaf Thieme
    Livestock Development Officer
    FAO HQ, Room C-583
    Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
    Rome 00153, Italy.
    Tel: +39 06 570 55418
  • olaf.thieme@fao.org


INFPD-FAO e-Consultation on Strategic interventions for Family Poultry in Developing Countries – 28th May – 15th June, 2012


For the last twenty years, the International Network for Family Poultry Development (INFPD) has provided sound information and advice to small-scale poultry farmers with the aim of promoting sustainable high productivity within the family poultry sub-sector. In preparation for the UN International Year of Family Farming (2014) and other important activities, INFPD in cooperation with FAO is now pleased to announce its third e-conference with the title “Strategic interventions for Family Poultry- What can be achieved through Research & Development activities”.


The e-conference is scheduled from May 28th through June 15th, 2012, and will explore issues beyond the conference title:


  • 1. The contribution of research to the development of family poultry production systems.
  • 2. The development for livelihoods through family poultry — cost and opportunities.
  • 3. Competing or complementing commercial poultry production systems?
  • 4. Single versus multiple (integrated) interventions for sustainable development of family poultry.
  • 5. Good organizational models for sustainable family poultry development.
  • 6. Women empowerment through sustainable family poultry development.
  • 7. Influencing policy for family poultry.
  • 8. The future contribution of INFPD and other networks to family poultry development.


The language of the e-conference will be English and French. The Conference Moderators are:
Prof. E. B. Sonaiya, Dept. of Animal Science, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria;
Mr. G. De’ Besi, Livestock Production Systems Branch (AGAS), FAO, Rome, Italy.