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New Resources available online for FMD and other TADS

Improving emergency management capacity with a variety of tools


The European Commission for the control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD) is increasingly focused on training and knowledge-sharing. The resources made available in the e-learning and online training area of the EuFMD are constantly being updated and developed. Recently, the focus has been on the material provided for the Balkans, Thrace region of Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, against the framework of the Pillar II component of the EuFMD workplan.


The aim of this update is to equip those dealing with animal health emergencies with world-class training-materials from experts in epidemiology, laboratory diagnosis and emergency management. In addition, there are practical job-aids, lessons learnt from previous simulation exercises and assessments, as well as signposting to other useful resources.


These resources are available on the password-protected EuFMD e-learning area. To access this page, please ask eufmd@fao.org.


Once you access this page, you will find materials aimed to provide support mainly for improving emergency management capacity for Foot-and-Mouth disease, and other transboundary animal diseases (TADs) in collaboration with the relevant FAO divisions.


These resources promote central and field veterinary service preparedness for FMD and other exotic disease incursions. These include presentations and webinar recordings about outbreak management, field investigation and contingency planning, as well as crisis management and communication, simulation exercise reports and the FAO good practice manual for emergency management.


Presentations and check-lists for laboratory preparedness and biosafety for an FMD disease incursion are also accessible, including specific training, protocols and results templates from the OIE/FAO reference laboratory (IZSLER).


There are a series of presentations about surveillance for FMD in non-endemic countries available, with specific material covering surveillance in the case of an outbreak.


In the context of the Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) emergency, upon request from and in collaboration with the Emergency Prevention System for Animal Health (EMPRES-AH), the EuFMD has provided online meeting recordings and presentations concerning LSD epidemiology, diagnosis, biosecurity and vaccination, as well as reports and training from a vector surveillance workshop held in Bulgaria this year and an LSD awareness poster template.