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FAO Sen Award winner recognized for outstanding contribution to Somali livestock sector
Closure of the FAO project to assist China with preparedness against African swine fever
Cattle disease puts Eastern Europe and Central Asia’s veterinary experts on alert
Asian and African Scientists Learn How to Detect Animal Diseases Threatening Livestock
Over USD 300 000 to control peste des petits ruminants in Liberia
Three ECTAD Indonesia collaborators awarded FAO 70th Anniversary Medals
Veterinarian of the year: FAO staff member Felix Njeumi has been honoured by the University of Parma as veterinarian of the year
Linking and synchronizing three open access and public global databases for enhanced monitoring of influenza: EMPRES-i, OpenFlu and IRD
Rift Valley fever newsletter provides outbreak, forecasting, and project updates on RVF
Assessment on implementing the inter-ministerial Circular of coordinated prevention and control of zoonotic diseases
From Lab Coats to Hazmat Suits: IAEA Trains Scientists to Work Safely With Ebola
FAO-Belgium partnership supporting institutional and household resilience in the face of natural and man-made shocks in the Gaza Strip
Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP) Fifth consultative group meeting
FAO and its partners are putting an effort together to improve Rift Valley fever preparedness in the Maghreb
Lumpy Skin Disease prevention and control: a new challenge for European countries
MARD and FAO take the first step towards safer use of antibiotics and antimicrobials in livestock in Viet Nam
Grim picture of destruction caused by Myanmar floods. Huge livestock and paddy losses
Fourth wave of H7N9 avian influenza threatens livelihoods, public health
A regional meeting to address Anthrax in West Africa
FAO Animal Health and 'Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (AVSF)': a reinforced partnership for an increased impact of animal health activities in the field
Discussion forum on participatory epidemiology
Webinar on rabies prevention and control tools in Asia
FAO opens the re-established central cold chain for livestock vaccines
FAO ECTAD Marks the Closure of Avian Influenza Prevention and Control Project in Indonesia
LinkTADs Workshops on Laboratory issues
Webinar in Chinese on rabies prevention and control in China
6th Annual Regional Animal Health Network meeting for eastern Africa
LinkTADs dissemination event at EPIZONE
Second Technical Meeting of the Animal Health Networks in Central Africa
FAO continues its effort in building veterinary services capacity for emergency management
FAO and its partners accelerate the process of rinderpest virus destruction and sequestration in Africa
FAO’s progress towards Rift Valley Fever (RVF) prevention in Northern Africa
LinkTADs First Dissemination Event in Europe
FAO boosts capacity of the Ugandan government to fight Foot-and-Mouth disease
FAO ECTAD Indonesia: a fun way to exchange messages with farmers at the Indolivestock Expo
FAO commits regional efforts to control cross-border livestock diseases in South Sudan and Uganda
Rabies prevention and control tools in Asia
Controlling Avian Flu in West Africa: Nuclear-Derived Techniques Enable Early Detection of Outbreaks
Global Strategy to Fight Global Ruminant Pest Uses Nuclear Techniques
Strengthening animal health risk assessment capacities in Myanmar
Biosafety/biosecurity: national veterinary laboratories assessed in four African countries
H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) emergency in West Africa
Webinar on rabies prevention and control tools in Asia
Implementation of the FAO-OIE Global Foot-and-Mouth Disease Control Strategy - The 6th West Eurasia Regional Roadmap Meeting
Senegal celebrates first victory against tsetse fly eradication
Fight against brucellosis translates into action in Georgia
FAO works with partners and member countries for the effective monitoring and prevention of MERS at the human-animal interface
FAO facilitates wild animal and disease monitoring in Zimbabwe
Project meeting to discuss the status and way forward of Vmerge
Prevention and Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases: FAO experts define scope of future work in Asia
Lumpy Skin Disease – Vaccination
Expert Panel Meeting to develop socioeconomic Guidelines for Foot and Mouth Disease Progressive Control
Exploring new tools against Rift Valley Fever (RVF) in the Horn of Africa and Middle East
LinkTADs workshop to develop research projects on the top-8 animal diseases in China
Avian influenza FAO mission in Benin and Togo
EuFMD Webinars: The way forward
Sustainable grassland management offers a better future for Qinghai herders
FAO’s support to the HPAI emergency in Egypt
Support to the improvement of the control of trade-relevant transboundary animal diseases
Webinar on antimicrobial resistance
Promoting research focusing on the needs of smallholder farmers
FAO provides assistance to West Bank in HPAI H5N1 response
A national policy for efficient Veterinary Laboratory services - Kenya as a pilot country
Coordinating the fight against African swine fever in Eastern Africa
FAO and USAID rolling out next phase of support to countries dealing with avian influenzas and emerging pandemic threats
Protecting Mongolia’s livestock and livelihoods from animal diseases: FAO and partners train authorities in latest border inspection techniques
FAO and the United States’ Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) collaborate to reduce biological threats
Preparing for 2015 launch of a smartphone pilot project (EMA-i) in Mali to improve disease reporting
Training Chinese veterinary services to assess and reduce the risk of an African swine fever incursion
Producing the right vaccine for the PPR Global Control and Eradication Programme
Reviewing increased preparedness for novel influenza A(H7N9) in Africa
FAO, China and EU identify ASF policy gaps to build regional preparedness
Mapping a long-term strategy for brucellosis control in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
E-learning course on bioinformatics in animal viral pathogens
Collaborating to Control Rift Valley Fever in the Maghreb
Second annual meeting and Best Practice workshop of RISKSUR: methodologies for cost-effective risk-based animal health surveillance
Republic of Sudan hosts national workshop on Good Emergency Management Practice (GEMP)
China and EU share latest thinking on diagnostics and vaccination for improved disease control
Influenza surveillance in animals: What is our capacity to detect emerging influenza viruses with zoonotic potential?
New programme to eradicate deadly livestock disease by 2030
Good emergency management practice (GEMP) extends to Latin America and the Caribbean
First LinkTADs Webinar
A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for Africa
Curbing the risks of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus
FAO project to prevent potential African swine fever incursion in China
FAO joins with AU-IBAR and ILRI on regional strategy for the control of African swine fever in Africa
Improving the Sustainability of Eastern Africa Regional Animal Health Networks
Improving food security in sub-Saharan Africa by supporting the progressive reduction of tsetse-transmitted trypanosomosis
FAO and USDA/APHIS continue building national capacity for emergency management
China, Mongolia and the Russian Federation jointly strengthen TADs control
EuFMD emergency online training course for North African Veterinarians
Milk for health and wealth - supporting small dairy producer communities in Lebanon
FAO Mozambique launches a vaccination campaign against Newcastle disease
Network of experts: Support for strengthening quality control systems in animal feed analysis laboratory in developing countries
The Animal Production and Health Laboratory: 30 years of committed support to IAEA and FAO Member States
Partnering to combat Rift Valley fever in West Africa
GF-TADs Meetings in Asia and Africa: Objectives and Outcomes
FAO Mozambique launches a vaccination campaign against Newcastle disease
FAO, USAID and SAARC continue building regional preparedness for H7N9 and other avian influenza viruses
The Progressive Control Pathway to Combat Foot-and-Mouth Disease
LinkTADs Update: FAO Coordinates EU-China Research on Transboundary Animal Diseases
Veterinary help for livestock herders brings relief to Angola
New mobile application proves essential to Uganda's veterinarians
FAO prepares for the USAID Second Phase of Emerging Pandemic Threats Programme
Risk Modelling to predict Rift Valley Fever Outbreaks in West Africa
FAO is cooperating with the International Egg Commission for the development of poultry producer organizations in Southern Africa
METHAGENE: Research network on the genetics of methane production in ruminants
Developing capacity in African countries to tackle tsetse-transmitted trypanosomosis
FAO compiles past, ongoing and future projects on Rift Valley fever and its vectors
Capacity building for risk analysis and influenza A(H7N9) laboratory diagnosis in Africa
Enhancing Feed Quality and Safety
Resurgence of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Tunisia
MERS-CoV: towards a better understanding of the disease
Mongolia Preparedness in Event of PPR Incursion from China
FAO to Release Laboratory Mapping Tool on the Web
Lao PDR, Myanmar and Viet Nam: Meeting to Enhance Preparedness for Avian Influenza A(H7N9) Incursion
Subregional Focal Point for Animal Genetic Resources in Southern Africa set in motion
Codex Committee on Contaminants in Food addresses feed safety
Importance of accurate feed analysis in enhancing safety and quality of food, increasing productivity and welfare of the animal and conserving the environment
FAO participates in Engaging International Organizations Study Tour
FAO Mission to assist with response to outbreak of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Democratic People's Republic of Korea
FAO-ICARDA delegates urge FAO to form a Near East and North Africa (NENA) Animal Feed Network
Launching VMERGE: a Research Consortium to better understand Rift Valley fever and other Vector-Borne diseases
FAO to collaborate with international NGO (CORDS) in supporting disease surveillance networks globally
Avian disease surveillance guidelines for poultry market chains with a focus on live bird markets
Call to stay alert for influenza A(H7N9) in China
Subregional Focal Point for Animal Genetic Resources in Eastern Africa set in motion
Post-rinderpest era but not “case closed”
FAO and OIE to combat transboundary animal diseases in the Near East and North Africa
FAO facilitates access to DNA sequencing in laboratories in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia
FAO and Veterinarians Without Borders
Collaborative Partnership on Sustainable Wildlife Management (CPW) Message on World Wildlife Day
Supporting vulnerable livestock keeping communities in Lebanon affected by the Syrian crisis
Training tools for family poultry production
Updating Surveillance and Contingency Measures for Influenza A(H7N9) in Africa
E-Conference to launch Global Research and Expertise Network on PPR
Training Veterinarians in Specialized Laboratories to Combat the Spread of African Swine Fever
Second Regional Workshop on Progressive Control of Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) for South Asian Countries
Lessons Learned from Vaccination against Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza
Avian Influenza Hatchery Vaccination Assessing Added Value
FAO internship gives biosciences student a global view
One of FAO’s greatest strengths is its partnerships
New National Feed Assessment System proposed for the Niger to help combat effects of floods and drought
Global H7N9 preparedness work well underway in Asia, soon to begin in Africa
European Commission grant brings FAO and partners together to improve surveillance and control of emerging, vector-borne diseases in North and West Africa
Suppressing Tsetse Flies to Improve Lives - IAEA Helps Ethiopia Prepare for Tsetse Eradication
FAO and partners make progress on Global Platform for African swine fever - Deadly pig disease causes ‘untold losses’ for poor farming families each year
OFFLU technical meeting: Developing guidance on vaccines and vaccination against HPAI from lessons learned
Poultry projects enhance lives of Afghan women
FAO launches E-Forum DAD-Net East and South Africa
FAO promotes investment in healthy poultry production and marketing systems to safeguard against avian influenza and other threats
FAO workshop leverages country case studies for stronger collaboration on One Health
Establishing guidelines on post-vaccination monitoring of foot-and-mouth disease
FAO calls for immediate support to farmers affected by Syrian crisis
Reducing foot-and-mouth disease in Eurasia
Building capacity in West Bank and Gaza Strip for emergency livestock interventions
Food security situation improves in Kenya
Genetic Resistance to Parasites in Small Ruminants
Tripartite partnership of FAO, WHO, and OIE highlights the importance for strengthened work at the human-animal-ecosystem interface
Making trypanocidal drugs quality control possible
FAO urges stronger measures on global health threats
FAO organized the livestock week in Morocco
Putting Small-Scale Farmers at Centre Stage in the Efforts Towards Higher Animal Welfare
EuFMD “Open Session” reviews FMD control
Practical Epidemiology for Progressive Control (PeP-C) Course
Emerging Infectious Diseases (EIDs) – the lurking threat to livestock development and food security
Wildlife Investigation, Livestock and Public Health in Bangladesh
Rabies Webinar
African Union Commission and FAO sign agreement to work together
Livestock epidemic causing havoc in DR Congo
FAO taking steps to address rabies situation in DRC
Concerted Efforts to Enhancing Dairy Goat Productivity in Asia
Kenyan authorities tackle increase in rabies
FAO recently issued an alert on Egypt and Libya, both hit by foot-and-mouth disease
Joining efforts to address animal welfare for a responsible development of the livestock sector
Traceability is an important utility attached to animal identification
Regional training workshop on characterization and adding value to local animal breeds and their products
Going to the basics: ration balancing to enhance animal productivity
International Meeting on Health Risks at the Human-Animal-Ecosystems Interface
Towards environmentally sustainable livestock waste management in east Asia
FAO develops rabies education package
FAO and partners talk about One Health with the People's Republic of China
FAO in development of major initiative to combat infectious diseases
FAO Network of Experts to Strengthen Quality Control Systems in Feed Analysis Laboratory
Strong political support for the Global Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources in Africa
Developing a multi-stakeholder partnership on benchmarking and monitoring the environmental performance of livestock food chains
The Challenge of Dog Population Management for Public Health and Animal Welfare
A boost for smallholder dairy development in Asia: $7.3 million programmes launched
Role, impact and welfare of working animals
FAO Technical Session ‘Nutrient use efficiency in animal food chains’
Rinderpest: Monument in Kenya marks countdown to global eradication
FAO and private sector talk about livestock issues
FAO and SSAFE join forces for a safer world
"Dogs of War": Animal Health Clubs champion rabies prevention to protect livelihoods and lives in Sierra Leone (Part III)
"Dogs of War": Animal Health Clubs champion rabies prevention to protect livelihoods and lives in Sierra Leone (Part II)
"Dogs of War": Animal Health Clubs champion rabies prevention to protect livelihoods and lives in Sierra Leone (Part I)
Food waste, scavengers and zoonotic diseases
Rabies: a looming threat to public health
Scientific Consultation on Influenza and Other Emerging Zoonotic Diseases at the Human-Animal Interface
Regional workshop on sustainable management of animal genetic resources in Central and West Africa
Complementary animal health approaches: Nigeria and FAO work together in participatory biosecurity project
FAO works in linking epidemiological and genetic information
Pathways to Success: Brucellosis Control Programme in Tajikistan
World Rabies Day 2009
Global Livestock Production and Health Atlas (GLiPHA)
Collaborations in the feed sector
Milk making the difference
Public release of the new EMPRES Global Animal Disease Information System (EMPRES-i)
World Rabies Day
International Partnership for the establishment of quality control/quality assurance standards for veterinary drugs
GTFS/INT/907/ITA: the Italian contribution to combat Transboundary Animal Diseases in Central Asia