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Junior Animal Health Consultant

Oficial de política ganadera (sistemas de producción pecuaria) - P4

Oficial de política ganadera (economía de los recursos) - P3


Animal Feed and Feeding

We are looking for young, dynamic, highly motivated individuals from the field of animal sciences

Duration: Up to 6 months

We provide: An interactive, intellectually stimulating multi-cultural environment to work on the role of feed and feeding in food security, environment and bioenergy. FAO also provides ample opportunities to learn from a number of ongoing conferences, seminars, meetings, workshops, group discussions related to: food security challenges facing the world; and efforts being made at technical, institutional, governance and policy levels to enhance food security and eradicate poverty and hunger.

Financial assistance: The candidate will work under the Volunteer Programme. Those who have secured or intend to secure financial support from other organizations may only apply. Interested candidates should submit a resume that details their qualification, work and interests. These documents may be sent to: Harinder.Makkar@fao.org

Time required before one can start working at FAO: A lead time of about 2 months is required for obtaining clearance from the Personnel department and higher management before an individual could start working. Further information can be obtained from: Harinder.Makkar@fao.org