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China-focused FMD Emergency Preparation on-line course

09 September 2016 - An online training course will be organised by EuFMD on FMD Emergency Preparation over a period of 4 weeks, starting on 21 September 2016. Thus far 46 individuals have registered from FAO offices as well as various Chinese health and research institutes.

EuFMD, one of FAO’s oldest Commissions, was established in 1954 to coordinate foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) control within Europe at a time when the disease was ravaging the continent. The course has been planned in coordination with the LinkTADs project, an EC-funded, FAO-lead research consortium that aims to coordinate research on transboundary animal diseases and zoonoses (both epidemiology and laboratory aspects) between the European Union and China.

The course is designed for veterinarians or those involved in the livestock industry who would be involved in diagnosing and investigating an outbreak of foot-and-mouthdisease. It is studied entirely online, and will take approximately 10 hours to complete over a 4-week period. The course will have a focus on China, covering the following topics:

  • FMD aetiology and pathogenesis
  • Clinical diagnosis, lesion ageing
  • FMD epidemiology, outbreak investigation
  • Biosecurity

The course opens with a live interactive webinar, where trainees meet their trainers, and are introduced to the course, and to foot-and-mouth disease. Trainees then study four interactive online modules, which include numerous photographs, videos and self-test questions. During the course, EuFMD expert trainers are available through a discussion forum to answer questions from the trainees, and to lead interactive discussions.

Towards the end of the course there is a second live interactive webinar, to discuss interesting topics raised during the training in more detail. At the end of the course all trainees must complete a comprehensive assessment. Successful trainees are given a certificate, and records of completion are sent.

For more information email: eufmd-training@fao.org


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