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Rinderpest Joint Advisory Committee (JAC)
9th Meeting held in Rome

13 May 2016 - The 9th Rinderpest Joint Advisory Committee meeting organized by FAO-OIE was held at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy, April 20-21, 2016. Sessions resulted in a joint guide and design for implementation roadmap of post eradication activities.

Participants were welcomed by Dr Berhe G. Tekola, Director of Animal Production and Health Division (AGA). He noted the coming to an end of the current term of the JAC and urged members to remain involved in other tasks within FAO. He also thanked current members for their contribution during the last 5 years and called on them to set the benchmarks for FAO-OIE to select the members for the next term of the JAC.

While Chairman J. Maina, praised the achievements of the JAC as ‘very pleasant’ and extended his gratitude for FAO and the OIE for inviting them, OIE representative, T. Brand, thanked members of the JAC for their contributions and hoped to have a productive meeting.

The FAO Rinderpest co-secretariat Dr Metwally acknowledged the important role the JAC had played in establishing FAO-OIE Rinderpest holding facilities, ensuring compliance of Member Countries with the international Resolutions and building a network for managing the Rinderpest remaining virus stock to safeguard the global freedom.

The Committee noted that the critical priority for the JAC next term is to advise FAO and OIE in establishing the international preparedness plan and its components.     

FAO-OIE united in rinderpest post-eradication programme

FAO and the OIE have formed a joint advisory committee made up of seven of the leading experts nominated by OIE and FAO in June 2012. The FAO-OIE rinderpest Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) provides technical support and required guidance to the OIE and FAO in, among others, appraising rinderpest research proposals and establishment of holding facilities meeting the international standards of biosafety and biosecurity   responsible for safeguarding the virus.

Preparation of the contingency planning, including an emergency vaccination strategy should rinderpest re-emerge, was recommended mainly as a follow up from the experts' meeting held earlier.

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