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The Domestic Animal Diversity Network (DAD-Net) is an e-mail-based network that provides an informal forum for the discussion of issues relevant to the management of animal genetic resources. It was established in 2005, and by early in 2013 had more than 1900 subscribers worldwide. Almost 600 messages were exchanged in 2012.

DAD-Net is open to anyone who wishes to join. Registration is free of charge. Messages can be posted in English, French or Spanish. FAO moderates the network and periodically contributes information. Members can choose to receive messages immediately or via daily, weekly or monthly digests. The DAD-Net web site (available in a range of interface languages) provides access to active and archived discussions, as well as a calendar of events and a library.

Subgroups have been established for the following regions and subregions:


Annual archives of DAD-Net messages are available at:
2014 (65 MB)
2013 (52 MB)
2012 (37 MB)
2011 (39 MB)
2010 (39 MB)
2009 (33 MB)
2008 (28 MB)
2007 (24 MB)
2006 (20 MB)
2005 (8 MB)

User surveys were undertaken in 2008 and 2012 with the aim of identifying ways of improving the service provided to DAD-Net members.