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The Livestock and Environment Toolbox is a big information system of approximately 70 megabytes. It is available at no charge, either by download or by CD-ROM.

Please download the following Zip files which contain the contents of the Toolbox. If you choose to download the Toolbox, we kindly request that you send an email to, including your name, postal address, email address, occupation, language and purpose for using the toolbox - thank you!

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A number of documents can be downloaded from within the Livestock Toolbox pages. The majority of these are in Adobe Acrobat format. In order to view these documents the free Adobe Acrobat viewer must be installed on the PC. The user can download the latest version of this software from the Adobe web site

The Acrobat Reader setup file is also located in the \Install folder of the CD-ROM version of the Livestock Toolbox, together with other file viewers and the Netscape browser. 

Get Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is free, 
and freely distributable, 
software that lets you view and print 
Portable Document Format (PDF) files.


Some of the files available for download in the Livestock Toolbox are provided in compressed format. This can be uncompressed using WinZip. Users are encouraged to visit the WinZip home page and download the software from their site. WinZip is shareware and an evaluation version can be downloaded from the WinZip web site. 

Get WinZip
WinZip is Shareware


Netscape Communicator is available for download from the Netscape web site.  On CD-ROM versions of the Toolbox, the Netscape install program is located in the \Install folder of the CD-ROM. 

or go to the Netscape Web Site
for news of the latest versions 
of the Netscape Browser

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