Matrix of environmental risks in semi-arid ranching sub-system - LGS3
Resource base Risks and opportunities Underlying factors
Vegetation structure 


(+) Improvement of ground cover Pasture use and maintenance : introduction of useful plants
(+) Maintenance of ground cover Pasture use and maintenance : rotational grazing
(-) Degradation of ground cover Excessive grazing and browsing
(-) Excessive increase of tree and shrub density Good grazing management
(+) Reduction of fire hazard Reduction of combustible material by grazing and browsing
Plant species
(+) Improvement of botanical diversity Good grazing management
(-) Weed invasion Invasive weed as a result of poor grazing management : Seed dissemination by animals (and humans)
(-) Weed invasion Seed dispersion by animals
Animal species
(+) Protection of wildlife and habitats Mixed ranching game/cattle

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