The International Agricultural Centre (IAC) Wageningen, the Netherlands is an independent non-profit foundation affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries. The IAC is an internationally oriented institute that acts as a platform for exchange and transfer of applied knowledge on sustainable management of renewable natural resources. It provides training, advisory and information management services directed towards developing countries and countries in transition.

Partners and networks
The IAC is integrated into the Wageningen University and Research Centre, the focal point and hub of agricultural research and training in the Netherlands. It closely co-operates with the Wageningen UR partners, i.e. the Wageningen Agricultural University and the Research institutes (DLO) which provide the IAC direct access to advanced expertise and allow it to integrate the contemporary developments in agricultural and related sciences into its core activities. The extensive international relations developed through training and consultancy activities, enable the IAC to mobilise knowledge and experience from universities, research centres, training institutes, and development organisations in the Netherlands as well as in countries world wide.

International Training
IAC undertakes a wide range of training activities in the Netherlands and in countries around the world. These activities include a comprehensive programme of regular courses in Wageningen, tailor-made courses, individual study programmes, and refresher courses. IAC has long-standing links with training institutes in the Netherlands and in other countries. The centre participates in joint projects to support and strengthen the training capacities of a number of institutes in developing countries.

Advisory Services
IAC provides independent advisory services to various multilateral and bilateral agencies in public, informal and private sector. These services cover activities such as field assignments for formulation, monitoring or evaluation of rural development projects and programmes; inputs for policy papers and guidelines; the appraisal of project proposals; assessment of policy papers related to the rural development. Special attention is given to the interaction of technical (including environment) and social-economic (including gender, economics) aspects.

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