Examples of Manure Storage Systems

The following photos illustrate a number of examples of manure storage and processing systems, both well designed and poorly designed.

Concrete manure storage, 
including a proper lining, 
with manure pumping system. 
(Sino-Dutch project 
in Beijing, P.R. China).
Above-ground manure storage for 
separating solid and liquid fractions. 
This system will never work
the opeinings will silt up immediately
Open lagoon manure storage, 
overflowing to an irrigation system
and leaching minerals
to the groundwater. 
Overflow from manure lagoon 
- leading to an irrigation channel
Manure drying for use in 
vegetable gardening 
(Sino-Dutch project 
in Beijing, P.R. China)
Proper manure storage pit 
made of concrete 
and strong plastic lining. 
(Sino-Dutch project 
in Beijing, P.R. China)
Dry manure storage - 
after separation of 
liquid and dry fractions
Underground manure storage tank
for storing liquid manure
Small manure pits at a 
poultry farm. 
These pits are too small


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