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The development of PAAT Information System (PAAT-IS) has been driven by the need for decision support at international, continental, regional and national level to guide strategic decisions on tsetse and Trypanosomosis control in sub-Saharan Africa.

PAAT-IS is made up of several components: this Web site, the Geographical Information System (GIS), the Tsetse and Trypanosomosis Information (TTI) Bulletin, the Technical and Scientific Series and the PAAT – Link.

The Geographical Information System (GIS) provides the capability for storage, display and analysis of layers of spatial data. The TTI, also available in digital format from this website, is a half-yearly periodical collating a wide range of paper abstracts, meeting reports and other publications which deal with subjects pertinent to T&T research, control, policy issues and strategies for intervention. The Technical and Scientific Series is a monographic publication which provides in depth information and analysis on specific issues related to the problem of T&T, its management and intervention strategies. The PAAT-L is an electronic mailing list for sharing and disseminating information among the PAAT-L subscribers. Request to subscribe to PAAT-L or information that you would like to share can be sent to Raffaele Mattioli, FAO, at the following e-mail address: Raffaele.Mattioli@fao.org.



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