Keeping an eye on Intestinal Worms

Interview with Armando Nari

Animal Health Officer, FAO

Drug resistance to internal and external parasites is a widespread and serious problem. Unknowingly, farmers store up problems for the future as they sometimes overuse drugs to protect their livestock. This happens because no drug is effective that it kills every pathogen or parasite.

Armando Nari, an Animal Health Officer at the FAO for Integrated Parasite Control, is concerned, as are other experts in the field, at the increasing level of resistance to drugs in parasites - both internal ones like worms and also external types, such as ticks. The problem lies, particulary with internal parasites, with the difficulty farmers have in being able to tell the level of infection in the animals. However, a new and simple test is proving to be a great help to farmers in the field.

The interviewer met with Armando Nari to find out more about this test and how it is used. Nari starts off the interview by explaining why the problem of internal parasites seems to be worse in small ruminants, such as sheep and goats.



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