Preserving milk - where there is no freezer

Interview with Frederic Lhoste
Dairy Officer, FAO

Dairy farming for milk production is becoming very popular in many parts of Africa, as rural people are realising that this is a very good way of making money from their cattle.

However in many countries it is very hot and, without some way of keeping the milk cool, it very soon goes bad. In rural areas without electricity, it is not possible to have refrigerators, even if farmers could afford the cooling equipment. So in 10 West African countries, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, has been promoting a completely different, simple, low-cost system.


Frederic Lhoste, a Dairy Officer at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, and coordinator of the 10-country project, explains this simple and low-cost system called the Lactoperoxidase System.




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