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Animal Genetic Resources (AnGR)

11th Session of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture -What can we do to stop the fast erosion of domestic animal diversity?

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MP3: 2min28sec

marianteArthur Mariante - Brazil
“Trade is a threat to Brazil’s local breeds. Due to our work some breeds are no longer in danger of extinction.”
MP3: 3min04sec
R. Rakotondravao - Madagascar
“On est encore au stade de sensibilisation, surtout au niveau politique.”
MP3: 4min10sec
KhumnirdpetchVanida Khumnirdpetch - Thailand
“When we were hit by Avian Influenza, we were hit by the ‘unknown’. We now need scientific knowledge in the field, while preserving traditional livelihoods.”
MP3: 3min30sec
RoperMike Roper - United Kingdom
"We want to create marketing initiatives for traditional breeds.”
MP3: 4min25sec
Thomas Loquang - Kisup Ateker Peace and Endogenous Development Organisation
“Veterinary services have been privatized - drugs are too expensive.”
MP3: 3min 47sec
MulvanyPatrick Mulvany - Practical Action
“Very few companies run livestock genetic across the world. Live stock keepers’ rights are needed to protect livestock and livelihoods.”