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May 30, 2011
Viet Nam: Engaging farmers and other private-sector stakeholders in H5N1 risk reduction efforts is key. ©FAO/Hoang Dinh Nam

Concerted international effort urged on African Swine Fever

African pig disease spreading in Eurasia seen as global threat
Warning of a likely imminent upsurge of a deadly pig disease in the Caucasus region and Russian Federation, FAO called on affected countries to step up precautionary measures and for a concerted international effort to prevent the infection spreading more widely across the Northern Hemisphere. Measures recommended for countries by FAO include risk analyses to evaluate the situation and assess potential consequences. Such analyses should pave the way for fully-fledged contingency plans and provide the rationale for selecting disease-control strategies. [...]

cover EMPRES Transboundary Animal Diseases Bulletin 37 [PDF]


cover The use of cash transfers in livestock emergencies and their
incorporation into Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (LEGS)


cover Animal Genetic Resources - an international journal 48 [PDF]

Ending the plague, improving lives
Rinderpest, or cattle plague, is about to make history as the first animal disease to be eliminated thanks to human efforts, and only the second disease of any kind, after smallpox in humans. On June 28, during the 37th FAO Conference, the 192 Member countries of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) will adopt a Resolution declaring global freedom from rinderpest. [...]








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