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July 22, 2011
A veterinary technician testing blood samples from cattle in a laboratory to ensure the rinderpest virus has not returned. ©FAO/Ishara Kodikara

New fund for livestock biodiversity management at FAO

Will offer grants to developing countries
Germany, Norway and Switzerland have contributed a first donation of $1,000,000 to a new, FAO-managed fund designed to help developing countries conserve and sustainably use their livestock breeds. The fund will provide financing for individual projects submitted by countries in support of the internationally-agreed Global Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources. The plan, adopted by all FAO member countries in 2007, has become a key instrument for the conservation and sustainable use of animal genetic resources at global, regional and national level. [...]

one health

Working proactively instead of reactively. The current approaches to animal disease prevention and control emphasize transmission disruption. Whilst critically important, this approach in itself does not address the root causes of disease emergence. [...]

cover FAO Animal Production and Health Proceedings No. 12: Rift Valley fever vaccine development, progress and constraints

The veterinary public health professional in an increasingly threatened world. More complex disease dynamics will require veterinary public health professionals to look at new challenges with a different lens, one that brings contemporary realities of a warmer, more crowded, and more interconnected world into focus. [...]



Funding Strategy for the Implementation of the Global Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources

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