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August 05, 2011
The roles of veterinarians

The roles of veterinarians in meeting the challenges of health and welfare of livestock and global food security

A classical definition of a veterinarian is that of a person that is qualified to practice veterinary medicine, and by this most people think of clinical practices related to the prevention, cure, or alleviation of pain and treatment of injuries in animals, especially domestic animals. But the contemporary roles of veterinarians go far beyond these more visible tasks. As the world becomes intricately interconnected and more complex, so are the various obligations and responsibilities that veterinary professionals must undertake. To give an example, veterinarians at FAO work to reduce hunger and poverty across the globe through the development of animal production and health strategies that improve efficiency in production parameters while upholding environmental and natural resource management principles. [...]


veterinary education
The work of FAO on transboundary animal diseases and veterinary education
Our mission is to help countries fight diseases while training veterinarians in the process [...]

FAO and partners
FAO and partners talk about One Health with the People's Republic of China
This approach is acknowledged a feasible and viable model to address the multidimensional challenges that are rapidly evolving in a changing world. [...]

21-25 August > Buenos Aires, Argentina
23rd International Conference of the World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology
30 August > Zurich, Switzerland
Challenges and potential of measuring sustainability in agriculture: 10 years of research and practical experiences around the world

Videos on Animal Genetic Resources
Upcoming events of the European Commission for the control of Foot-and-Mouth disease
Audio files about the Global Rinderpest Eradication



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