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January 24, 2012

Marcation of Llamas or Kilpa, on the road from La Paz to Turco, Bolivia. Photo credit: Kim-Anh Tempelman

Animal identification as the entry point to traceability and performance recording

Animal identification as the entry point to traceability and performance recording. The workshop provided a comprehensive assessment of the status and trend of animal identification, traceability and performance recording in Latin America. [...]


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A more powerful mapping tool for fighting global animal disease The new version of the FAO EMPRES-i Global Animal Health Information public interface has just launched.

Users can create a profile in My EMPRES-i to customize disease outbreak mapping according to disease type, time period or by location. Maps and preferences can also be saved for later reference. [...]
cover Good Emergency Management Practice:
Standard operating procedures for HPAI response
cover Working Paper 6: Status of animal nutrition research and development activities in
Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan
23-24 January >
Atlanta, USA

IFIF/FAO 5th Annual International Feed Regulators (IFR) meeting
26-27 January >
Brussels, Belgium

GF-TADs for Europe meeting: the 4th meeting of the Steering Committee
13-15 February >
New Delhi, India
Scientific Developments and Technical Challenges in the Progressive Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in South Asia
16-17 February >
Boston, USA
The 2012 Harvard International Conference on Digital Disease Detection

Preparing for animal disease emergencies ‘by the book’



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