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May 30, 2012

Exhibitions and display materials related to the Committee on Agriculture - ©FAO/Giulio Napolitano

COAG endorsement for a Global Agenda of Action in Support of Sustainable Livestock Sector Development

During its recent 23rd session, the Committee on Agriculture recognized the appropriateness of the Global Agenda of Action’s multi-stakeholder process and thematic priorities to catalyze an accelerated and targeted improvement of livestock sector performance. It also recommended that FAO continue its central engagement in this multi-stakeholder initiative, and continue to act as its secretariat if so requested. [...]

Private standards in the livestock sector. This FAO survey aims to cover the wide range of private voluntary standards, guidelines, codes etc, that address any step in the livestock production value chain from those who develop the standard to those who apply it and those who certify adherence to it. Each of these stakeholders may have a different point of view on the same standard; therefore they are all invited to send contribution [...] Strategic interventions for Family Poultry in Developing Countries
INFPD/FAO e-Consultation (28th May – 15th June, 2012)
In preparation for the UN International Year of Family Farming (2014) and other important activities, INFPD in cooperation with FAO is now pleased to announce its third e-conference with the title “Strategic interventions for Family Poultry - What can be achieved through Research & Development Activities [...]
coverPaper: Crop residue based densified total mixed ration - A user-friendly approach to utilise food crop> coverWorking paper: How can animal health systems support small-scale poultry producers and traders?
1 June >World Milk Day
4-6 June > Paris, France
World Meat Congress
10-13 June > ICC JEJU, Jeju, Korea
22nd International Pig Veterinary Society Congress
13-16 June > Bangkok, Thailand
15th International Congress on Infectious Diseases (ICID)
27-29 June > Bangkok, Thailand
FAO/OIE International Conferece on FMD Control



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