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December 4, 2012

Classroom training and face-to-face focus group discussions with communities. ©FAO/Simon Maina

FAO holds Canada-funded communications trainings in Kenya, Uganda

In mid-November, veterinarians from the governments, NGOs and the private sector of Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda learned there is much to gain from traveling to farming communities to learn, rather than to teach, what the main animal health concerns are for farmers and pastoralists in remote areas. The classroom training and face-to-face focus group discussions with communities underlined the need to use participatory approaches in communications to address those communities’ real concerns in ways that are realistic for them. [read more...]

FAO helps Somalis to cash in on livestock waste

Somali camels contribute to the economy even after death. ©FAO/Frank NyakairuUK-funded project “adds 30-60 percent in value to each animal”
Thanks to a project funded by the United Kingdom, FAO has trained Somali communities to increase their incomes by producing commodities like soap and crafts from livestock waste such as bones and hides. It is hoped that phase two of the project will eventually create thousands of jobs throughout Somalia [read more...]

Kenana cattle in Blue Nile  © FAO/Sudan

Developing Animal Assets
The future of animal resource development in Sudan’s rural areas was the focus of a workshop this month by FAO’s Sudan Productive Capacity Recovery Programme-Capacity Building (SPCRP-CB). The programme is funded by the European Commission and is closing in December after five years. [read more]

A flock of Béni Guil sheep

FAO organized the livestock week in Morocco
Close to 80 participants attended two back-to-back workshops on characterization and value addition to local livestock breeds and on livestock identification and traceability, which were held in November. These workshops were organized in collaboration with national and international organizations. [read more]
coverFifth Report on the Global Programme for the Prevention and Control of HPAI (January 2011–January 2012) coverProceedings of the First Asia Dairy Goat Conference
4-5 December > Budapest, Hungary
Technical meeting on threat of African Swine fever spread in Eastern Europe: urgent need for international collaboration
11-12 December > FAO HQ
FMD Consortium meeting
22-24 January > Nairobi, Kenya
Global Agenda of Action: Third Multi-stakeholder platform meeting

Official launch of the EC consortium for targeted research on African swine fever: ASFORCE
RISK SUR (Risk based animal health surveillance systems) “kick-off” meeting
Advancing One Health in Africa
FLURISK: understanding risk factors for pandemic influenza

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