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December 20, 2013

 A poultry farm in Chad - ©FAO/Sia Kambou

Surge in diseases of animal origin necessitates new approach to health – report

Focus on root causes and prevention needed
Population growth, agricultural expansion, and the rise of globe-spanning food supply chains have dramatically altered how diseases emerge, jump species boundaries, and spread, according to the latest FAO report. A new, more holistic approach to managing disease threats at the animal-human-environment interface is needed, it argues. [...]

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© Lenny HogerwerfOne of FAO’s greatest strengths is its partnerships. No institution can succeed alone in the fight against hunger and poverty and the livestock sector - and its sustainable development - is fundamental to success. Partnerships are crucial to the organizations effectiveness worldwide providing resources and reach that it cannot achieve alone. FAO is strongly committed to further developing its global network of partnerships and closely working with key stakeholders, including civil society, cooperatives, member states, intergovernmental organizations, food movements, financial institutions, academia, foundations, and research institutions. [...]


Burao slaughterhouse sets a milestone in the Somali meat industryBurao slaughterhouse sets a milestone in the Somali meat industry [...]

© Lenny HogerwerfFAO coordinates strategies to respond to Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia in Africa [...]

©FAO/Simon MainaFAO hands over Coordination of Animal Networks to Regional Coordinators in West and Central Africa [...]

©FAO/Bay IsmoyoFAO and partners coordinate Chinese-EU Animal Health Research with launch of LinkTADs [...]

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cover Poultry Development Review

L'Élevage et les ménages: Données sur l'élevage ai Niger


18-20 December > London, UK
EuFMD Standing Technical Committee
15-17 January > Dakar, Senegal
Experts consultation for modeling livestock systems in African drylands

From the field
Desarrollo sostenible es la prioridad para el desarrollo de la ganadería en Mesoamérica

From decentralized offices
HPAI China Highlights bulletin n. 58

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