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Type Professionals
Name Agossou, Alex
Organization Free lance
Profession Environnement Manager
Address Rue du Vertbois, 29
Tel/Fax Tel.: 00 32484953037
Email agossoua@yahoo.fr
Tel/Fax Tel.: 00 32484953037
Description I have several years of experience in a variety of fields including agriculture, poultry farms and environmental care. I have an Engineer’s Degree on Animal Production and a Master Degree in Animal and Vegetable Resources Management. I have worked a time for environmental protection with the WWF. I am familiar with the major environmental problems in urban and enterprises fields. I speak fluently and effortlessly in English. I have a good knowledge of legislation and ISO standards. I love chemistry and microbiology. I like to learn and I adapt easily to new environments, I know how to work as part of a team.
Language of work [press Ctrl to select/un-select] English, French
Country [press Ctrl to select/un-select] Belgium
Areas of expertise Farm and wildlife management