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16 July 2015 > 17 July 2015
Zagreb, Croatia

HSA International Symposium 2015: Recent Advances II

Around the world, over 100 billion animals are transported, marketed and slaughtered annually in order to provide food. Growing meat consumption and an increasingly globalised food supply chain add to...
Humane Slaughter Association (HSA)
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03 March 2015 > 05 March 2015
Istanbul, Turkey

2nd International Conference on Dog Population Management 2015

The First International Conference on Dog Population Management was held in 2012. On behalf of the organising committee we warmly invite you to attend the 2nd International Conference on Dog...
International Companion Animal Management Coalition (ICAM)
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02 November 2014 > 05 November 2014
The Westin O'Hare Rosemont, Illinois

Animal Welfare Symposium 2014: Huma​ne Endings - In Search of Best Practices for Euthanasia, Humane Slaughter and the Depopulation of Animals

This symposium will take a comprehensive look at existing best practices for euthanasia, humane slaughter and depopulation across animal species, while exploring research and innovation in the name of continuous...
American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
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23 September 2014 > 25 September 2014
Darwin, Northern Territory Australia

One Health - Indigenous Community Animal Management

Join us in September 2014 at the 10th Anniversary AMRRIC Conference. We invite you to be a part of this highly anticipated event in the animal management sector and expand...
Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities (AMRRIC)
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20 September 2014 > 20 September 2014
Chertsey, Surrey

Workshop: Developing a Practical Knowledge of Draught Animals

This practical workshop explores factors affecting the welfare of draught animals including harnessing, farriery and education of owners. Vets, students and any interested parties are welcome to attend although...
World Association for Transport Animal Welfare and Studies (TAWS)
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