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05 December 2014

Death and the goddess: The world's biggest ritual slaughter

Motilal Kushwaha had promised the Hindu goddess Gadhimai that he would offer her a male goat if one of his children found a job.
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27 July 2014

Animal welfare at FAO

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12 June 2014

Video Movemos al Mundo para proteger a los animales

Ahora somos World Animal Protection, antes eramos conocidos como WSPA (Sociedad Mundial para la Protección Animal). Conozca más de por qué estamos poniendo la protección animal en la agenda global...
World Animal Protection (WSPA)
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29 May 2014

World Veterinary Day Global Webinar on Animal Welfare 29th April 2014 Summary

Following the success of the World Veterinary Association (WVA) Global Seminar on Animal Welfare (held in Prague in September 2013), the WVA and the European Commission (EC) agreed to keep...
World Veterinary Association (WVA)
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26 May 2014

Turkey Farm & Processing Plant Tour: Temple Grandin

In the video, the viewer gets an up-close look as Grandin interacts with a flock of 15,000 birds roaming easily down the football-field length of a climate-controlled turkey house. When...
The Meat Site
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