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29 September 2010

New rules for chickens

Animal welfare advisers to Agriculture Minister David Carter say they are developing a separate code of welfare for the chickens used to breed "broilers" - the chickens which are killed...
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28 September 2010

Australian chicken consumers unaware of production methods

A new survey has revealed that despite chicken being a staple of the Australian diet, most consumers don’t know the facts of production and that meat chickens are never kept...
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28 September 2010

Intensively Reared Animals More Antibiotic-Resistant

Scientists speaking at a conference today (23 September) will reveal shocking new levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in intensively reared farm animals that have the potential to spread to humans.
The Beef Site
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28 September 2010

Commission and EU Belgian Presidency organise first International Conference on Animal Welfare Education

The European Commission and the Belgian Presidency of the EU are organising the first International Conference on Animal Welfare Education, on 1-2 October in Brussels. The initiative aims to better inform...
European Commission
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27 September 2010

Se proponen erradicar en 2012 la rabia transmitida por el perro

En una reunión de 20 países latinoamericanos, los delegados asumieron el compromiso.
Fabiola Czubaj - La Nación
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