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11 February 2014

M.Sc. student position available in Dairy Cattle Welfare

The research area is within animal behaviour, health and welfare. The successful candidate will conduct survey research to identify and benchmark issues (training, behaviour/welfare issues, productivity) experienced by Canadian producers...
University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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29 January 2014

Use and validation of automatically registered animal data about group-housed gestating sows with electronic feed stations

In this doctoral study data from the electronic sow feeders as well as the stance parameters of the SowSIS will be used, refined and validated for the early detection of...
Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek (ILVO)
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10 January 2014

1 PhD student in the research education subject: Animal science, animal hygiene

The PhD student will conduct research by using image analysis technology to identify risk factors for animal health, especially locomotion disorders, in today’s and tomorrow´s animal housing systems. This will...
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences - SLU
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26 September 2013

Master in Animal Law and Society

The master in Animal Law and Society is a professional specialisation programme which aims to train experts in animal-related professions. It is based on a comparative law perspective, while bearing...
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
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15 April 2013

Summer Volunteer Opportunities for Vets

This position can be filled by veterinarians who are licensed to practice veterinary medicine in their resident country.
World Vets
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