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21 March 2013

CASJ - Centre for Animals and Social Justice

The Centre for Animals and Social Justice is a new think tank, founded by leading academics and animal advocates, which heralds a unique and innovative approach to advancing animal protection. We are dedicated to research, education and policy engagement that establishes animals’ rightful status as recipients of social justice. The CASJ believes that there is huge potential for moral progress. Public attitudes towards animals are generally more compassionate and enlightened than those implicit in actual behaviour, industry practices and public policy, which continue to cause widespread and extensive harm to animals. Complementing and supporting the activities of existing NGOs, the CASJ occupies a vital niche in the animal protection cause, producing the knowledge and advocacy that is essential to both persuade society to respect animals and translate ethical aspirations into effective animal protection.
Author/Organization: Centre for Animals and Social Justice (CASJ)
Where: United Kingdom
Topics: animal protection, education, ethics, human / animal relationship