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23 July 2010

Dairy Cow Comfort - Cow Behaviour to Judge Free-stall and Tie-stall Barns

Choices in stabling and management affect the behaviour, health, longevity and performance of cows and profit of a dairy farm. Fear or frustration with her workplace predisposes a cow to unwanted or abnormal behaviour and risk of disease. Cow behaviour and disease are gauges of cow comfort. Diseases related to comfort include lameness, hock or neck injury, mastitis, milk fever, ketosis and displaced abomasum. Behaviours while resting, eating, walking or occupying stalls provide additional information about comfort. Positive interactions between a cow, her workplace and her caregivers lead to cow welfare, happy employees and a productive herd.
Author/Organization: Anderson, N.
Year: 2008
Where: Canada
Topics: animal behaviour, animal health, cattle, dairy production, livestock, welfare on the farm