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26 July 2010

Evaluate your Rearing Strategies - An adapted advisory tool to evaluate your calf and heifer management strategies

This evaluation tool was developed as part of an on-farm intervention project which took place in 2007- 2008. Its different components have been tested in 28 Quebec dairy herds in the summer of 2008 and were validated by 26 experts from several disciplines of the dairy industry (dairy technicians, technical and nutrition advisors, veterinarians, genetic advisors as well as organic dairy production specialists) in the summer of 2009. Producers and experts involved in this project actively participated to the improvement of this tool. Overall, they estimated it was an effective and useful tool to evaluate rearing strategies and to help dairy producers to improve calf and heifer management in their herd. It is an excellent tool which could be used by various experts (advisors, veterinarians, others) as part of their intervention with dairy producers.
Author/Organization: Université Laval, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Valacta and the Université de Montréal
Year: 2010
Where: Canada
Topics: calves, dairy cattle, dairy production, feeding, housing, training, weaning