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30 March 2012

CALL FOR PROPOSALS SANCO 2012/10293 - With a view to obtaining a grant for a pilot project on a COORDINATED EUROPEAN ANIMAL WELFARE NETWORK

The European Commission intends to award a grant for a pilot project on a Coordinated European animal welfare network. The intention of this call is to experiment the feasibility and usefulness of a network of technical resources in order to assist the competent authorities and the stakeholders in improving the implementation of the EU legislation on animal welfare through knowledge strategies (i.e. technical assistance, innovation, dissemination of scientific research, applied research, education and vocational training). The project will have to establish a network of institutions having a recognised knowledge on animal welfare and independent from specific private interests in order to carry out these tasks. The project will have first, to develop clear and measurable objectives in relation to the implementation of the EU legislation, secondly, to develop specific strategies in order to address the difficulties found and thirdly, to report and evaluate at the end of the action the actions performed as to identify the strategies that have been the most efficient and/or effective to reach the objectives.
Author/Organization: European Commission
Year: 2012
Topics: animal welfare/general concepts, education, legislation, welfare assessment