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13 April 2012


AssureWel is a 5 year (2010-2015) collaborative project led by the RSPCA, Soil Association and University of Bristol, supported by the Tubney Charitable Trust. Its main aim is to develop a practical system of welfare outcome assessment for the major farm animal species, which can be used in farm assurance schemes. The AssureWel system of welfare outcome assessment will be first field-tested and introduced within the RSPCA Freedom Food and Soil Association certification farm assurance schemes. These schemes will use welfare outcome assessment to help assess compliance with their scheme's standards. Producers can be given feedback (including benchmarking) to help monitor and improve welfare on their farm. Advice and support will also be given to producers and producer groups to help further improve welfare. Welfare outcome data can also be used by the scheme's to inform standards development.
Author/Organization: Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), Soil Association and University of Bristol
Year: 2010
Where: United Kingdom
Topics: animal welfare/general concepts, standards, welfare assessment, welfare on the farm