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23 April 2012

OIE Collaborating Centre for Animal Welfare Science and Bioethical Analysis 2012 Training Programme: Understanding Animal Welfare: Foundations, Practice and Regulation (23-31 July 2012)

An interactive style will be adopted during the Training Programme. The purpose of this is to assist participants to develop an ability to think about animal welfare in many of its different dimensions. The topics chosen will enable a wide range of important animal welfare perspectives to be explored. It is intended to provide participants with an understanding upon which they may build in their own professional contexts once they complete the Programme. Clearly, the 9-day duration of the Programme means that comprehensive coverage is not possible. In accord with these objectives, the general schedule for each day has been arranged so that presentation of key ideas, concepts and facts will occur during each morning, with afternoons assigned to small-group discussions with reports from each made to all participants. Participants will be encouraged to provide their own perspectives on each topic and also to suggest additional case studies and topics for discussion.
Author/Organization: New Zealand/Australia OIE Collaborating Centre on Animal Welfare Science
Year: 2012
Where: New Zealand
Topics: animal welfare/general concepts