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23 November 2012

Animal Welfare Approved Newsletter - FALL 2012 - Volume 5 - Issue 3

Contents: 1) Letter from Andrew Gunther. 2) Congressional Briefing on Farm Antibiotic Misuse. 3) Half-Dozen Size AWA Egg Carton Now Available. 4) AWA Cheeses Honored. 5) Coexisting with Predators. 6) Tall Trichinella Tales—and more. 7) Meet Sam Suchoff, owner of The Pig Restaurant. 8) Planning for Drought. 9) The Case for Stunning Poultry. 10) Alternative Marketing. 11) Spot Audits: A Vital Part of the Program. 12) Scott Hasselmann of Hasselmann Family Farm. 13) Helping Farm-to-Farm Sales.
Author/Organization: Animal Welfare Approved (AWA)
Year: 2012
Topics: cattle, eggs production, farming, feeding, labelling , marketing, pigs, poultry production, poultry/chickens, stunning, veterinary drugs, welfare at slaughter , welfare on the farm