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04 December 2012

Animals in Europe - Issue 33 - November 2012

In this issue: 1) Commissioner Borg must start improving the welfare of animals now. 2) New statistical reporting format for animals used in testing. 3) Preparations for CITES CoP16. 4) English version of Spanish guide for applying the EU Zoo Directive. 5) Third OIE Global Conference on Animal Welfare. 6) Bavarian administrative court decision on the export of live animals to Third countries. 7) EU holds first hearing on sustainable food policy. 8) Loopholes in shark finning closed. 9) Current development with fish farming. 10) Report on the implementation of EU hygiene legislation in slaughterhouses. 11) Production of beef and rabbit meat audited in Argentina.
Author/Organization: Eurogroup for Animals
Year: 2012
Topics: animal welfare/general concepts, beef cattle, farmed fish, farming, importing/exporting, legislation, meat production, rabbits, slaughterhouse/abattoir, transport, welfare during transport