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10 December 2012

Farm Animal Welfare: Health and Disease - November 2012

This Report‘s objectives are: - To understand the relationship between physical and mental ill-health and farm animal welfare and, by focusing attention on the direct impact of disease on animal welfare, the potential to reduce individual animal suffering. - To promote improved recognition of disease and appropriate prevention, treatment and control through a better partnership between the keeper with primary responsibility for care of the animals and the team supporting animal health on the farm, i.e. the veterinary advisor, nutritionist, geneticist, etc. - To identify structures and key stakeholders that can lead to improvements in the prevention, treatment and control of disease and thus improve farm animal welfare, e.g. sector bodies, industry organisations, veterinary profession, Government.
Author/Organization: Farm Animal Welfare Committee (FAWC)
Year: 2012
Where: United Kingdom
Topics: animal health, disease control, livestock, welfare on the farm